It’s been a while since VALE, and now NJLA will be here before you know it. If you’ve been attending meetings and checking in here, you know that SCARLA will be represented at the NJLA conference in Atlantic City this June. I am excited to be able to represent our group there this year, along with Kelly Lavoice. Posters are a great way to get your feet wet and meet others, as I found when I presented a poster with Marty Kesselman from the Library of Science and Medicine at VALE.

Presenting a poster is not nearly as intimidating as speaking before a group, but your poster should be well thought out, succinct and attractive. There are many sites out there on the web which offer advice for making a poster, so I will only post one here which I found useful when I worked on my poster for VALE:
This is a blog written by a former professor at Swarthmore, and even though it is a little long, I thought it was well presented.

Better than reading about it though, is actually creating one. Help SCARLA design our poster for NJLA- come to the meeting on Wednesday, or contact Miraida or Natasha with your ideas.

~Laura Palumbo, co-webmaster