About the Board

The Student College, Academic, and Research Libraries Association (SCARLA) is led by the student officers who comprise the Executive Board, as well as the group’s faculty advisor(s). Different officer positions carry different responsibilities, but all officers are responsible for: attending as many meetings/events as possible, supporting event planning and implementation, and assisting in recruitment efforts.


  • Must be currently enrolled (part- or full- time) in the Master of Information program at Rutgers University.
  • Must be willing/able to attend most synchronous meetings of the Executive Board. Do NOT need to be a New Jersey resident.

Position-specific responsibilities are detailed below. All positions can be “co-” positions if there is sufficient interest.


  • Ensure that responsibilities of all other executive board members are maintained and executed.
  • Oversee planning/coordination of meetings, trips, and other events.
  • Run meetings of the Executive Board and provide agenda in advance of meetings.
  • Lead recruitment efforts for SCARLA.
  • Eligibility: To be considered for SCARLA President, candidates must have at least one semester of experience of serving as a SCARLA officer.


  • Assist in the planning and coordination of meetings, trips, and other events.
  • Discharge duties of the President in the event of their disability, absence, or vacancy of office.
  • Coordinate at least one major event per semester.


  • Hold and keep account of all financial transactions related to SCARLA.
  • Ensure SCARLA’s compliance with Rutgers’ requirements related to managing and using SCARLA’s yearly budget.
  • Work with administrators within the School of Communication & Information (SC&I) to provide honoraria for external speakers.


  • Record the minutes of all SCARLA meetings for distribution to those designated by the organization. 
  • Preserve the records of the organization to ensure seamless continuation of institutional memory as new executive board members join. 
  • Maintain shared Google drive and centralized email communication; ensure smooth transition to next Secretary.


  • Manage SCARLA’s website (scarla.rutgers.edu), and ensure that all information is accurate and current.
  • Run SCARLA’s social media accounts, including posting announcements and event copy as needed.
  • Maintain centralized/shared content management account for SCARLA website; ensure smooth transition to next Webmaster.

Member-At-Large (multiple seats available)

  • Attend meetings of the Executive Board. 
  • Support planning of at least one major event per semester.

* Required position for every semester

SCARLA is grateful to the Student Organization for Unique and Rare Collections Everywhere (SOURCE) for sharing language around officer positions and responsibilities. Visit SOURCE’s website at https://sites.comminfo.rutgers.edu/source/